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Most, but not all, Katy-area representatives vote for Paxton impeachment

Of the five Katy-area state representatives who voted May 27 on impeachment for Attorney General Ken Paxton, four voted for impeachment, while one voted against.

Remembering the fallen: Katy area commemorates Memorial Day

Katy-area residents remembered American service members who died in service to the nation during Memorial Day ceremonies held Monday.

Chatbots are speaking my language

In a much-anticipated chess match in February, 1996, the world champion Garry Kasparov faced IBM’s Deep Blue, the most advanced chess-playing machine. Kasparov lost the first game but went on to win the match in Philadelphia, 4-2. It was humanity’s proudest moment in competition pitting man vs. machine.

A day to honor our war dead

How to ‘un-dorm’ a college student

Retired state workers deserve a 13th pension check like ex-teachers are receiving

Prom seasonal allergies

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