Local performer, Angelique, pushes for success

By Nitya Hosur, Editorial Intern
Posted 7/14/21

Angelique is a native Katy singer who works in all sorts of music genres. She draws inspiration from a variety of singers to incorporate into her songs and enjoys expressing herself through her …

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Local performer, Angelique, pushes for success


Angelique is a native Katy singer who works in all sorts of music genres. She draws inspiration from a variety of singers to incorporate into her songs and enjoys expressing herself through her music. She is currently working on producing and recording her own album.

Angelique, who performs only under her first name, said she was exposed to music at a very young age. Her father was a musician and attorney, and she grew up in a household where the entire family would gather around and sing to their hearts’ content. Angelique first found her calling when the “Hannah Montana” show was released, she said. At that point, she knew she wanted to make singing her career and follow her passion. Both of her parents were very supportive and enrolled her into a singing and dance classes. At 13 years old, she released her first single, “Come Back to You.” Although Angelique did not take choir in middle school, coming into high school, she began putting more effort into her school’s dance and choir as preparation for her future.

Angelique said that, while her parents supported her, she was her greatest deterrent. She constantly battled thoughts on her self-image, if she was good enough, and often wondered, “what makes me special?” She tried not to rely on others for help, she said. In the end, however, her parents were the ones who pull her out of her self-spiral when she can’t. Most of the time, Angelique focuses on believing in herself and her abilities and by looking at what she has accomplished, how far she has come and what she has overcome on her journey as a performer.

Angelique said she draws inspiration from a variety of singers and enjoys trying multiple genres of music rather than sticking to a specific style. Inspirations include Miley Cyrus, Queen, Journey, Adam Lambert, and multiple Disney stars from the early 2000s. One of Angelique’s biggest influences was Selena Quintanilla, and as a Mexican-American, Angelique related heavily with Selena. Although Selena did not grow up speaking Spanish, Angelique did, and seeing Selena perform in Spanish made Angelique think, “If she can do it, I can do it too.”

During the pandemic, Angelique focused her attention on social media platforms to connect to her fans for support, she said. She also took a break from performing and focused on school. She finished bachelors degree in English at St. Mary’s University in San Antonia along with a minor in Spanish. Following the path of her father, she also began working at a law firm after her performance jobs shut down with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. She still works at the firm during the day and is steadfast in pursuing her dream of being both a singer and an attorney, she said.

    Angelique is also working on her first album and wishes to produce it under AmericaStar Entertainment, a professional entertainment company owned by her and her family. She is hoping to have it out by the end of the year, but there is a possibility that it might be delayed due to production time. Its release date will be announced on Angelique’s social media platforms.

Angelique said she encourages aspiring musicians to follow their dreams and work to reach them. She also advised new performers to overlook anyone trying to dissuade them. She has worked hard and continues to do so to affirm that her dreams come to fruition, and it has paid off, she said. She now performs live shows all over the Katy area and is in the process of professionally producing her own original album. If you believe in your goals, the sky’s the limit, she said.

“You can have all the talent in the world, and you can have the best publishers and everything, but if you don't believe in yourself, you're never going to go as far as you could,” Angelique said.

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