Q&A with Fulshear Mayor Aaron Groff

By R. Hans Miller | Times Senior Reporter
Posted 7/23/20

As Fulshear continues to grow at an extraordinarily rapid rate, it faces challenges in infrastructure development, updating its city statutes to better-serve its residents and make sure that it …

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Q&A with Fulshear Mayor Aaron Groff


As Fulshear continues to grow at an extraordinarily rapid rate, it faces challenges in infrastructure development, updating its city statutes to better-serve its residents and make sure that it preserves its heritage. Over the last few months, those challenges have included facing the COVID-19 pandemic, examining how parks and transportation can be improved and remote meetings.

Katy Times asked Fulshear Mayor Aaron Groff to respond to questions related to these issues. His responses are below and have been lightly edited for clarity and formatting purposes. Edits have been indicated with parentheses.

Q: How well do you think Fulshear residents have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: The overall attitude by the Fulshear community regarding COVID-19  has been  great! Even though our businesses have suffered, the owners and managers of those businesses have continued to follow the expectations set forth by orders and best practices. They have adopted methods that still allow them to do business but still remain safe.

 The Fulshear citizens have adapted to all the health requirements and remained creative by having community caravans to celebrate birthdays, graduations etc., sidewalk art contests, and several other out of the box ideas. Regardless of how hard it’s been, Fulshear has adapted.

We can say that while our positive case numbers have grown, so has our awareness in regards to staying safe and healthy.  I’m proud of residents and the support they’ve shown their neighbors and local businesses.

Q: What are two issues Fulshear will face in the next few months that you would like resident feedback about and what sort of information would you like to get from them to guide your administration’s decisions?

A: The (Consolidated Development Ordinance) (discussed further below), as well as the City's Comprehensive Plan which was last done in 2014. We'll want plenty of resident and other stakeholder feedback in that process. Given the rate of growth, these planning efforts are all the more important in order to get ahead of new development.

Q: With Texas Heritage Parkway breaking ground recently, what benefits do you hope the new roadway brins to Fulshear?

1. Improved mobility that would alleviate the north south corridor congestion that is currently on FM 1463.
2. Support and accommodation of the ultimate development of the City and County’s Major Thoroughfare Plans.
3. Provide a possible corridor for the City’s Water and Wastewater Master Plan implementation by allowing us to bring water and wastewater trunk lines up the corridor to provide treatment services to the existing and new development north of FM 1093, which supports the City’s Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant project.
4. Provide a great trail and recreation opportunity for the residents of Fulshear.
5. Additional Development opportunities.

Q: For some time now, Fulshear has been working on updating its code of ordinances. What is the overall status of that project?

A: The (CDO) is of tremendous importance to the future built environment of the City and what shape future development takes. I think we all understand the City will grow, but we have the ability to shape now what that growth looks like. The CDO process has been going on for a year and a half now, and in that time we've had numerous committee meetings, stakeholder sessions and the draft ordinance has been online for public review. At this time we're nearing completion with a number of meetings scheduled over the next couple of months, including two public hearings (held on) April 14th and (an upcoming one on) August 25th.  If all goes according to plan, Council has a projected adoption date of the CDO on August 25th.

Katy Times coverage of the July 21 Fulshear City Council meeting will be available online at www.katytimes.com soon and will appear in the July 30 edition of the paper.

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