BookTrib's Bites: Cap off the Year With These Captivating Stories

(NewsUSA) - Bradford’s Walk by Denis O’NeillIn this comforting narrative, Bradford, an irrepressible brown dog, delights all who join him on his daily walk through the beckoning Connecticut …

BookTrib's Bites: Curl Up With These Cozy Reads

(NewsUSA) - A Winter by the Sea by Julie Klassen Return to the Devonshire coast In this latest book in the On Devonshire Shores series with the Summers sisters, where loyalties are tested, secrets …

Killer in a Winter Wonderland: Latest in Cozy Mystery Series Takes on Holiday Aura

(NewsUSA) - Holidays are fickle things — often good, but sometimes not so good. It’s December in the quirky town of Cardigan, MD, and Rosalie Hart has been thrown several curve balls.For one, …

New eBook From BookTrib Showcases Excerpts from Some of the Hottest Books

(NewsUSA) -, a leading source of news, reviews and information about the book industry for more than 20 years, is excited to announce the launch of a new ebook showcasing excerpts from …

A Champion of Social Impact Communications Shares Insights in New Book

(NewsUSA) - Carrie Fox takes to heart the role—and the responsibility—that leading communicators hold in shaping how stories are told, how narratives are shaped, and how decisions are made.A …

New Novel Skillfully Weaves Artificial Intelligence, Martial Arts and Immortality

(NewsUSA) - “My name is Tigress and I am immortal. This is my story.”Michael Crichton meets Bruce Lee in THE GIRL FROM WUDANG (Tuttle Publishing), a gripping story for fans of legendary …

BookTrib's Bites: From Historical Fiction to Pirates

(NewsUSA) - Clara’s Secret by Stephan R. Frenkel. This critically acclaimed Amazon Bestseller begins with the captivating story of Clara Prinz, a remarkable woman forced to leave her native Berlin …

BookTrib's Bites: Four Captivating Autumn Reads

(NewsUSA) - The Card Squad by Jack ColeA great read to help children understand about Alzheimer’s Disease, written by a New York Times award-winning high school student.Ever feel like something …


(NewsUSA) - Like the title of his book says, the United States education system is in trouble and needs to be fixed! On the world stage, the U.S. is a middle-of-the-pack performer when it comes to …

BookTrib's Bites: Four Diverse Reads

(NewsUSA) - Second Term by J.M. AdamsA lame duck president's desperate power grab threatens democracy in the United States— can a former intelligence operative and single mother prevent …
Becoming: George Washington and Benedict Arnold

Was Benedict Arnold a traitor because he was surrounded by total jerks?

(BPT) - Benedict Arnold is America’s most infamous traitor. His final plan was to turn West Point over to the British and assist them in capturing George Washington. If successful, it would …

(BPT) - Once a loyal leader in the American Revolution, Benedict Arnold eventually flipped sides and became a traitor to the cause he once loved. In the aftermath of his unsuccessful attempt to …
(BPT) - George Washington is the “father of our country” yet, ironically, he didn’t have any children of his own. If you are like many others, you’ve probably wondered why he …

Why aren't schools teaching the truth about George Washington's death?

(BPT) - School children are taught that after a life of action and harrowing battles, George Washington died peacefully in his bed at Mount Vernon. In reality, the nation’s first president died …

(BPT) - Would you ever betray your country? The answer is likely, no. Everyone thinks that under no circumstances they would betray the country they love.However, Benedict Arnold — one of …
(BPT) - Benedict Arnold is arguably the most successful and talented general in the Revolution. He was also America’s greatest traitor. However, if his treason had succeeded it could have …

Uncovering the truth: Was this George Washington’s worst decision?

(BPT) - George Washington was indispensable in the Revolution. Without him, the army may not have achieved victory. Moreover, his willingness to repeatedly give up power — including the return …

(BPT) - It’s easy to find out what George Washington looked like. But what did he sound like?There are many well-known paintings of Washington, and the museum at Mount Vernon displays a …
(BPT) - You've probably heard the story of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree and later admitting the act to his father, claiming he “cannot tell a lie.” It’s a story …
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BookTrib's Bites: From Celebrations of Love to Revenge Stories
(NewsUSA) - We Never Knew of Darkness by Dennis SnyderIn April 1994, Hutu extremists—known as the Interahamwe —assassinated … Read More
Autistic Air-Crash Investigator, Unexpected Heroine, Sets Tone for Lauded Political Technothrillers
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Booktrib's Bites: Four Reads to Kick Off Autumn
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Inside the book-ban machine: The rise of 'parental rights' groups and their efforts to ban books
As attempts to ban books intensify, Stacker explored how organized efforts have enabled broader challenges at U.S. libraries and … Read More
Booktrib’s Bites: From Inspiring Memoirs to Gothic Horror
(NewsUSA) - Made in Maine by Shawn Samuelson HenryWhen the mill closes, Edgewater's economy and hope collapse. Hunter's father starts … Read More
Booktrib's Bites: From Greek Myth to WWII
(NewsUSA) - Made in Maine by Shawn Samuelson HenryWhen the mill closes, Edgewater's economy and hope collapse. Hunter's father starts … Read More
Booktrib's Bites: Four Reads to Cap off the Summer
(NewsUSA) - Aldek’s Bestiary by Romuald RomanThis collection of 21 wry short stories features various animals that an acclaimed … Read More
Booktrib's Bites: Four Diverse Reads
(NewsUSA) - Orbem by Scott V. AdrianIn this Sci-Fi/Portal fantasy, Dr. Graeme Milford, a 32-year=old technologist and Japanese … Read More
New book offers solutions to fix broken education system
(NewsUSA) - Like the title of his book says, the United States education system is in trouble and needs to be fixed!On the world … Read More
Booktrib's Bites: From Dark Romance to Political Commentary
(NewsUSA) -  Captivated by Jessica RookerQuinton Starks is a vain, self-absorbed, philandering playboy and company president whose … Read More
Booktrib's Bites: Murder, Treasure and Beekeeping
(NewsUSA) - Echo From a Bayou by J. Luke BenneckeMurder. Treasure. A supernatural twist. In this latest work from a … Read More
THE LAST PROFESSIONAL – Another Potential Classic in America’s Literary Landscape
(NewsUSA) - It’s been said that Ed Davis has done for American railroads what Jack Kerouac did for American highways and John … Read More
Help Toys for Tots Turn the Page on Illiteracy
(NewsUSA) - The Marine Toys for Tots Literacy Program announces a new literacy initiative, “Operation Turn the Page,” that will … Read More
Summer Reading
(NAPSI)—A daring new novel called SOLIMEOS by Rhoda Lerman, a critically-acclaimed author who passed away in 2015, imagines what … Read More
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