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(BPT) - Measles outbreaks continue to be reported throughout the United States. The increased risk of outbreaks can be largely attributed to the drop in pediatric vaccination rates from 2020 to 2022. …

(BPT) - On a mission to help build up Africa’s healthcare network to aid in the fight against malaria, SC Johnson, makers of Raid®, in partnership with the Society for Family Health Rwanda …
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(BPT) - World Series Champion and 3-time American League MVP Alex Rodriguez (aka A-Rod) knows how important it is to prioritize your oral health. That’s why, upon receiving a gum disease …

(BPT) - World Series Champion and 3-time American League MVP Alex Rodriguez (aka A-Rod) knows how important it is to prioritize your oral health. That’s why, upon receiving a gum disease …
(BPT) - For Bronx native and current Indian Land, SC, resident Thelma, it took years to discover she had kidney disease, despite experiencing symptoms like fatigue and swelling, as the underlying …