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Why dozens of North American bird species are getting new names: Every name tells a story

Birders participate in the Christmas Bird Count on Theodore Roosevelt Island in Washington, D.C., Dec. 16, 2017. Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post via Getty Images This winter, tens of thousands …

Don't applaud the climate summit's loss and damage fund deal just yet – it might not warrant that standing ovation

Shortly after the opening ceremony of the 2023 United Nations climate negotiations in Dubai, delegates of nations around the world rose in a standing ovation to celebrate a long-awaited agreement to …

Citizen science projects tend to attract white, affluent, well-educated volunteers − here's how we recruited a more diverse group to identify lead pipes in homes

A lead pipe in the kitchen ceiling of a home in Newark, N.J. AP Photo/Julio Cortez Recruiting participants for a citizen science project produced a more diverse group when people were signed up …

How a thumb-sized climate migrant with a giant crab claw is disrupting the Northeast's Great Marsh ecosystem

Male fiddler crabs are small, with one oversized claw. David S. Johnson Nine years ago, I stood on the muddy banks of the Great Marsh , a salt marsh an hour north of Boston, and pulled a thumb-sized …

Real or artificial? A forestry scientist explains how to choose the most sustainable Christmas tree, no matter what it's made of

Every year, Americans buy somewhere between 35 million and 50 million Christmas trees , and many more pull an artificial tree out of storage for the season. In all, about three-quarters of U.S. …

Getting to the 'top' of energy and comfort issues

(BPT) - While rising energy prices can lead to higher heating and cooling costs, any spike in energy bills should invite further investigation. If your home’s heating and cooling bills are …

Climate hub project in West Virginia draws bipartisan support from Senator Joe Manchin

(NewsUSA) - Washington, D.C.—The Center for Research in Environmental and Sustainable Technologies (CREST Foundation), a leading non-profit based in Washington, D.C., has received important local …

Clean smarter, not harder: 5 tips to a tidy home when time crunched this holiday season

(BPT) - Parties, family gatherings, time with friends and the occasional surprise guest — the holidays are full of fun get-togethers and reasons to celebrate. While there’s much to look …

3 ways homebuilders can incorporate sustainability into their operations

(BPT) - The demand for homes with sustainable features is growing. However, home building companies that are committed to sustainability recognize that how you build a home is just as important as …

Environment matters
The woes of wish-cycling
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